At each meeting we hold informal competitions, decided by the votes of all the members attending. The object is to have models on view for discussion and admiration.

There are always two competitions: an Open competition, which is any model you wish to display, and Theme competition.

The theme is usually quite broad or vague and published well in advance.

A list of the Themes is here on the diary page which lists dates of meetings, Theme and trophy competitions 

If challenged about his entry a member must be able to find a reason for his model fitting the theme. In these theme competitions you will find aircraft pitted against tanks or figures against ships.

Points are awarded; 3 for a first, 2 for a second and 1 for a third. Ties count equally. The league table winner earns a shield. Clearly a regular competitor is more likely to win than the occasional entrant.

Special Trophy Competitions

In addition we have special competitions for which there are trophies to be won. The idea is to provide a platform for specialist areas of interest among the members. For these two judges are appointed by the Chairman and Competition Organiser from among the members who have not entered.

The special competitions are:

Champion of Champions

All models earning 3 points in the Theme and Open competitions are eligible to enter.

Cooper Trophy

In memory of one of our founder members this trophy is for aircraft, alternating between airliners and British aircraft with British engines up to 1945; two of Brian’s favourite subjects

Marechal Foch Bust

Given to us by our friends at Beauvais this trophy is for the figure modellers.

Cambrai Trophy

This trophy is competed for in November and is for the armour modellers.

Aqua, Astra, Auto

This trophy is for other subjects such as ships, space and sci-fi and vehicles.

Prix Wavre

This trophy was given to us by Les Mordus du Kit (Kit Addicts) from Wavre. It is for models in colourful paint schemes in line with the nature of the trophy which is a little garish!

The Arnaud Ippersiel Trophy

Another gift from our friends at Wavre. This is in memory of a Wavre member who was held in great esteem by his friends. It is for Fighter aircraft that served during the Second World War (no Luftwaffe ‘46) in line with Arnaud’s interests.