Next meeting will be in the Glebe Room at Southwick Community Centre.

Date Competitions and Trophies
12th January Theme: Cold
9th February Theme: Big ‘n’ Bouncy
Trophy: ?The Cooper Trophy–British Aircraft?
9th March Theme: The Letter is “F”
6th April Theme: Road Hog
4th May Theme: TV/Film Stars
Trophy: ?The Champion of Champions?
1th June Theme: Award Winners
30th June Theme: Legends
Trophy: ?The Marechal Foch Bust?
29th June Theme: The Number is “9”
27th July Theme: Legends
24th August Theme: My Will Be Done
21st September Theme: Diorama Dream
19th October Theme: Captured
16th November Theme: Explosive Results
14th December Theme: I Got This For Xmas

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