Meetings 2019

all meetings are on a Thursday 7.30 – 9.30 PM

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Date Details of areas covered by the trophy competition are listed in the page linked Competitions and Trophies
10th January Theme: The Baby Blitz 75th anniversary
7th February Theme:Recovery
Trophy: the Brian Cooper trophy, This year is for a WW2 British fighter with British Engines
7th March Theme:  Black and white
Trophy: Arnould Ippersial
4th April Theme: 70 years of NATO
2nd May Theme: Military used by civilians
Trophy: Champion of Champions
30th May Theme: D-Day 75 years
Trophy: Marchal Foch
27th June Theme: Early Airfix pre 1970
Trophy: Prix Wavre
25th July Theme : The only one
22nd August Theme: Purchased from LSA/Jason Lake
19th  September Theme: 80th Anniversary of the start of WWII
17th October Theme: South Atlantic
14th November Theme: Civilian used by the military
Trophy: Cambrai Trophy
12th December Theme: I won this in the raffle
and the xmas raffle!

Dates 2018

Date Details of areas covered by the trophy competition are listed in the page linked  Competitions and Trophies
12th January Theme: Cold
8th February Theme:
Trophy: ?t?
8th March Theme:
5th April Theme:
3th May Theme:
Trophy: ?s?
31th May Theme:
28th June Theme:
Trophy: ??
26th July Theme: Circles
23th August Theme:  Lucky Charms
20st September Theme: Birds
18th October Theme: I Always Wanted This and Finally I Got It
15th November Theme: Commonwealth/Down Under
Trophy: ?Cambrai Trophy?
13th December Theme: Quiet Time



also club xmas raffle!


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