Meetings This Year

All meetings are on a Thursday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Also listed on Southwick Community Centre

Date Details of areas covered by the trophy competition are listed in Competitions and Trophies
10th January Theme: The Baby Blitz 75th anniversary
7th February Theme:Recovery


7th March Theme:  Black and white
Trophy: the Brian Cooper trophy, This year is for a WW2 British fighter with British Engines
4th April

Theme: 70 years of NATO
Trophy: Arnould Ippersial

2nd May Theme: Military used by civilians
Trophy: Champion of Champions
30th May Theme: D-Day 75 years
Trophy: Marchal Foch
27th June Theme: Early Airfix pre 1970
Trophy: Prix Wavre
25th July Theme : The only one
22nd August Theme: Purchased from LSA/Jason Lake
19th  September Theme: 80th Anniversary of the start of WWII
17th October Theme: South Atlantic
14th November Theme: Civilian used by the military
Trophy: Cambrai Trophy
12th December Theme: I won this in the raffle
and the xmas raffle!


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